Bandar Lenge Sundial

Design and Construction of Sundial, Moondial and Equatorial Ring by Iraj Safaei at Bandar Lenge (Lenge port), head of University of Kashan Observatory

29 April 2020 | 14:50 Code : 11146 Sundial

Iraj Safaei head of University of Kashan Observatory, have designed and constructed a Sundial & Moondial with equatorial ring aplication at Bandar Lenge (Lenge port) - Iran. Its total diameter is about 4 meters and its height with the base is about 6 meters.

1- Determin the Iran standard time.
2- Determin the time on moonlit nights.
3- Detection the date in the Iranian Calender.
4- Noon prayer time.
5- Detrmine the exact beginning of seasons; the vernal equinx, the antumnal equinox, summer solstice and winter solstice.
6- Show World Maritime Day.
7- Show the position of the North Celestial Pole (NCP) and Polaris Star at night.

Lenge port has been one of the most important ports during the Achamenid period. Now it is one of the ports of Iran in the Persian Gulf. Therefore, all the decorations of the sundial are modeled on Achaemenid art. A number of craftsmen and artists in Mobarakeh and Isfahan worked with me to make this sundial.


Bandar Lengeh Sundial with some astronomical application designed by Iraj Safaei, alignment & installation in Saturday, 2017.03.18, on entrance to the Ports and Maritime Administration of Lengeh Seaport.

determine the time accurately one minute, determining the exact #midday (#noon), determine the time on moonlight nights Because this clock is also one of three moondial (Moon_dial) in all of world so, diagnosis of calendar based on Iranian calendar,  determining the exact time of the moderates and revolutionaries at the beginning of the seasons, determine the coordinates of the astronomical North Pole & the position of the polaris Star, and  Highlighting of World Maritime Day is also the application of the equatorial ring 's structure. The index of this sundial is actually a maritime telescope aimed at the polar star.

this sundial by  alloy steel base & steel face, Design and construction by Iraj Safaei (Astronomer & Astrolabe Reviver) with help of Mobareke Isfahan artisan.The decoration of this sundial is designed and executed based on the historical background of the "Bandar Lengeh", exactlly used Artistic elements of Achaemenid Empire; Because during the Achaemenid Empire, this seaport along Persian Gulf had become one of the most famous and modern shipping ports in the world (More than thousands years ago).

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