Astronomical gift to Christians in Isfahan

27 October 2019 | 18:43 Sundial
The design of the sundial of the planetary model was made by Iraj Safaei, the head of the University of Kashan Observatory in the Jolfa Square of Isfahan

Mr. Safaei have designed an equatorial sundial for Jolfa Square in Isfahan - Iran
1- Identify local solar time
2- Detection Iranian Calendar
3- Analema curve
4- Noon prayer time detection
5- Finding the North Celestial pole position and Polaris in the night sky
& ...

This equatorial sun dial made by iron & bras-metal have capability of: indicate the solar-time, the analmatic curve for equation of time, indicate the real time of Noon, indicate the #jalalian_calander , indicate length of solar-day, indicate location of the #north_celestial_pole