Observation of Asymmetric Structure in Atmosphere of Venus by Image Processing

I. Safaei1, M. javaherian2, H. Safari2, M. ghohroodi1

1 Faculty of Physics, University of  Kashan

2 Department of Physics, University of  Zanjan




The atmosphere of Venus is so harsh and that is the reason to avoid optical observations of anything being under the planet’s upper atmosphere. The overall structure of the atmosphere is more distinctive during the transit of Venus. The transit observations, recorded on 2012 June 7, show that Venus has atmosphere with asymmetrical structure. The image processing methods are employed to apply region growing function on the atmosphere of Venus. After segmenting this region, we are able to analyze width of atmosphere in different angles. In this paper we aim to study on asymmetrical structure of Venus atmosphere.  


Presented by I. Safaei, M. Javaherian, H. Safari, M. Ghohroodi; 7th National Astronomical research meeting, 23-24 January, 2014, University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran.