Photometry of XZ Dra Variable Star

S.Latif1,I. Safaei2, H. Safari3,Y. Shapourinejad2

1Abdolrahman Sufi Razi Higher Education Institute, Zanjan

2Faculty of Physics, University of Kashan

3Faculty of Science, Department of Physics, University of Zanjan




What has been exhibited in this research is the result of photometry of XZ Dra variable star that has been done in September 1392 for a period of 12 consecutive nights in Kashan University Observatory by 16-inch reflecting telescope with an alt-azimuth mounting and SSP5 photometer in V Johnson filter. The main purpose is to obtain the graph of light intensity changes of the variable star, the comparison star, the sky background and at last the light curve of the variable star.


Presented by S. Latif, H. Safari, I. Safaei, Y. Shapoorinejad; 7th National Astronomical research meeting, 23-24 January, 2014, University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran.